inspire creativity. make memories. be safe. BUILD TRUST.


Art, music, laughter and joy... a well-crafted hospital event or performance can be amazing for families. 

They normalize the hospital, making it more friendly and fun.  They become positive memories during difficult times. 

In 2017, we partnered with our community to host more than 270 special events or performances.

Experience shows us that great events help kids feel like kids, instead of patients.  Great events also prioritize the health, safety and privacy needs of our kids and families.  

General Guidelines for Special Events & Performances:

  • Group members must be 16 or older
  • Group sizes must match venue size
    • We do not offer room-to-room events
  • Flu shots are required during flu season
  • Events should be scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance, when staffing is available (currently no weekends)
  • Activities cannot include: 
    • Religious or political themes
    • Harmful items (candles/fire, latex balloons, hot glue, or tiny choking hazards)
    • Used/thrift materials (all toys, supplies & gift items must be new)
  • Needs for media or event photos must be approved in advance
  • Professional performances will be evaluated to determine space needs/capabilities and fit for the hospital

General Guidelines for Fundraising:

Community partners (third party fundraisers) who host events on our behalf must uphold the same commitment we have for our mission and donors.

  * Committed to Our Mission  .  Building Trust with Donors * 

The Children’s Hospital VOLUNTEERS will honor donor intent, requests for anonymity and restriction from future solicitation.  If a gift can’t be used as intended—or imposes unexpected burdens—effort will be made to clarify expectations with the donor.

We will be truthful and candid, only soliciting and accepting gifts that are consistent with our mission and support our programs and projects.  We may decline a gift if it creates a liability, imposes special obligations or unsustainable costs, creates programmatic or operational burdens, is out of the ordinary, difficult to utilize or is restricted for a use inconsistent with our mission. 

We may approve, decline or restrict permission to use our organization name and/or logo with any potential partner.  To use our name/logo, partners must avoid any live fundraising events or written/online promotions that encourage:  illegal activities, violence, nudity, abuses of alcohol or tobacco, firearms, intolerance or other perceived conflicts of interest.

Third party fundraisers must be approved by our Executive Director.  Advertising copy, use of logos and general promotional materials must be approved.  Copy should state that "proceeds benefit The Children's Hospital Volunteers" and not imply responsibility or liability for event.  We cannot solicit participants, volunteers or donors, nor can we promise involvement of patients, families or staff.

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