Helping Kids be Kids... & Students!

Donna Lewis, School Programs Coordinator, during a Dr. Seuss week reading event inside The Zone.

Donna Lewis, School Programs Coordinator, during a Dr. Seuss week reading event inside The Zone.

It's graduation season.  Summer is nearly here but I'm rather stressed.  I woke up early yesterday morning to enroll my little one in Pre-K.  With just a toe in the water, I feel flooded with new worries... getting into a school, considering transfer options, bringing the right forms, balancing academics with arts, science, GT and athletic programs, deciding if being the youngest in class or oldest might be best, coming to the realization that my little won't be little for long... I feel overwhelmed.

If I’m overwhelmed now, what would it be like to have school disrupted by a long illness, or serious injury and hospitalization? 

Sitting on a curb waiting for enrollment yesterday, I felt comforted by one of our programs.

Three years ago, The Children's Hospital started something great - the Children’s Schoolhouse.  Our School Programs Coordinator, Donna, helps families to stay on track with school while at the hospital.  She communicates with administrators to ensure students are not dropped, IEPs are planned and kids transition back to school with support.  Donna also connects with teachers to educate them on health care needs of their students, common illnesses, allergies and issues in Oklahoma, and ways to respond to medical needs in the classroom.

An exciting addition this year has been our Tutor VOLUNTEERS.  I have been so impressed by the impact they can make for students.  We can now help kids taking calculus and AP courses by utilizing the time (and brilliant brains) of our amazing VOLUNTEERS.

In addition to running our school program, Donna coordinates our Students Performing Exceptional Acts of Kindness (SPEAK VOLUNTEERS).  This summer program for 16- and 17-year-old students kicks off in a few weeks and helps us build relationships with future VOLUNTEERS, nurses, teachers, doctors, CEOs and child life specialists.

Thank you to Donna and all teachers, teacher aides, support staff, school administrators, tutors and VOLUNTEERS of Oklahoma!  Our purpose is to help kids feel like kids...instead of patients.  I love that we recognize and support our kids as students, too!!

All the best,

Sara Jacobson
Executive Director

Sara Jacobson