Making Volunteering a Little More Flexible


You're busy.  I totally get it!  My team knows it takes a time commitment to VOLUNTEER, and we truly appreciate the amazing men and women who make time for our kids and families.  Whether managing school and a career or caring for kids or aging parents, our lives are busy.

In the past year, at least 50 of our VOLUNTEERS had to either take a break or completely stop due to school or work schedules.  Many are navigating career changes or new retirements.  Many are students pursing careers in health care.  I love this!  We are honored to give our future nurses, doctors and child life specialists VOLUNTEER experiences where they understand the value of helping kids feel like kids... instead of patients.  

Likewise, my team often hears from potential VOLUNTEERS who say they would want to apply if they could change their schedule each week.  They've asked to do a few shifts early in the month and then take a couple weeks off.  Many are students.  Many balance work gigs and go to school part time.  Others are retired or freelance workers who travel.  

Good news!  We have developed a new "level of commitment" for our VOLUNTEERS needing the flexibility to self-schedule.  You can now VOLUNTEER for placements like Patient Pals, The Zone, Floaters/Projects or the Emergency Department... and set your schedule... take some breaks... or even complete our 100 hour requirement in as few as 6 months (see details).

I know The Children's Hospital VOLUNTEERS will never be a program with no requirements, that allows for pop-in times.  We are a children's hospital.  We have to keep our kids safe and manage laws surrounding confidentiality and privacy.  

That's okay with me... because I also know the strong character and dedication of our VOLUNTEERS.  We have so many special people, willing to go through our on-boarding process and make a level of commitment to support the kids in the right way.  We appreciate you!  And we are happy to make things a little more flexible so that being a VOLUNTEER can work for your busy life.

All the best!

Sara Jacobson,
Executive Director

Sara Jacobson