New Web Site... New Ways to Share!


We are thrilled to refresh our look and feel, and have the opportunity to share our story in more meaningful ways.  Building the site with our incredible web design partners, Justin Falk of Shop Good and the branding team at Braid Creative, forced us to wear fresh eyes.  Over the past months, we’ve looked at how we present ourselves and how we share what we do to help kids be kids.  The process has reminded me of my first introduction to The Children’s Hospital VOLUNTEERS.  

Fresh from college, I interned as a copywriter.  My favorite article was about a small nonprofit helping tiny babies feel comfort and connection (yes, that was us!).  Picked up by the AP and 10 Oklahoma newspapers, it flooded the volunteer office with calls.  Surprised by the attention, they began a Cuddler waiting list, since they were “already full” with 13 (we still have a waiting list and more than 60 Cuddlers, by the way).  From the start, working with the volunteers felt like finding a best kept secret.

Our volunteers are willing, humble helpers.  Daily, I see how their interactions bring joy and support to families.  We cherish the one child touched by the Toy Cart, a cozy blanket, a cuddle or a laugh shared in The Zone.  Our volunteers shrug off compliments, saying, “I’m just helping out” and they would rather spend time doing the dirty work behind the scenes at a kids’ event than to toot their own horns about our great programs.  With such an important, heavy hospital emphasis on patient confidentiality, we all but discourage publicity.  

Yet, I now know that more people choose to volunteer and donate to our programs when we share our stories.  Stories of children we meet at the hospital must only be ours to keep confidentially and cherish.  The story of WHY WE VOLUNTEER & HOW WE HELP is one to proudly share!

This website—specifically this blog—is challenging me to continue making an uncomfortable shift.  I commit to sharing more newsletters, e-mails, stories on Facebook and blog posts.  

We do not want to be a nonprofit that parades woeful children in front of crowds to raise money—eek—that is not us.  I trust that you will hold us to that promise.  

Our goal is simple.  Our BEST VOLUNTEERS come from the recommendations of friends who are proud to volunteer.  Donations are often given by families or business owners who have experienced our programs.  Interest and generosity from our community builds our team and allows us to expand and fund programs, creating even more joyful and supportive experiences for kids.

I will find more ways to share our story proudly.  I challenge you to do the same… respecting the confidentiality of our patients and families.  If you’re a volunteer or supporter, what you do is meaningful and amazing!  Be proud to share.

We thank you.  Our families thank you.  Even if they don’t say it, they feel it.  We are so very grateful that you choose to give your time and donate your money… oh, and since our little secret is out… please, help us to spread it.


Toot toot!

Sara Jacobson,
Executive Director

Sara Jacobson