Volunteer FAQ



How long does the on-boarding process take for full time volunteers?
The on-boarding process generally takes 4-6 weeks, but it can take longer if you are unable to attend training classes.

Can I volunteer more than one day a week?
Absolutely! However, you will only be scheduled one shift a week for your first two months. We want to ensure you are comfortable and confident before we add more hours to your schedule. Your added shift may be in the same area or you may have an additional area. Please speak with the volunteer coordinator for more information.

I want to be placed on a certain unit or floor as a volunteer. Is this possible?
We cannot guarantee a particular placement for you, but we would love to know if you are interested in a particular area. You are placed depending on your availability, the units' needs, and your strengths and personality. We get a better idea of where you'd be a great fit during your volunteer interview when we get to know you more.

Can I volunteer in more than one area of the hospital?
Yes! After two months of volunteering you may add a second shift and an additional area, or after 4 months of one area you may switch and be trained in a new area. We ask for at least 4 months in one area so we have time to replace your spot without hurting the clinical staff in that area. If you are seeking to be a Child Life Specialist and want variety of places to help your experience, please discuss this with the volunteer coordinator during your interview.

I am a student pursuing the nursing/medical field – can I shadow nurses or doctors while at the hospital?
No. Our program is strictly for volunteering. Anytime a medical procedure is going on you will be asked to leave the room as a volunteer. If you are hoping to do medical shadowing we ask you to pursue that through another organization.

I am a student pursuing Child Life. Will my volunteer experience here allow me to shadow or observe a working Child Life Specialist during procedures?
No. Our program is strictly for volunteering. As a volunteer you are trained to step out of the room during procedures. Our Child Life Volunteers DO get to know our Child Life Specialists, get notes about their patients from our specialists, and work under the supervision of a Child Life Specialist can be very beneficial in the future. If you are hoping to shadow and observe a Child Life Specialist during medical procedures, please visit the Child Life Department page to learn more about Child Life Practicums.

Does it cost any money to be a full time volunteer?
The only cost to our volunteers is $20 for the required Volunteer Polo shirt. We provide free parking, meal vouchers and drink vouchers. Funding may be available if you cannot afford your $20 shirt. Please speak to a volunteer coordinator.

As a volunteer will I get to observe and medical procedures, surgeries or psychological testing?
Our program is designed to only allow for volunteering. Our volunteers are not in the room during medical procedures of any kind- including psychological testing.

I am currently a medical student, nursing student or a working person in the medical field already educated on many hospital policies – do I still need to attend the Volunteer Training?
Yes. While you may already know all about HIPAA, there are many things specific to our hospital, our program and our volunteers that you will learn during training. We also designed our training to help you know how to set up your volunteer experience so that you have an amazing time volunteering.

I am under the age of 18, can I still volunteer?
We currently do not accept volunteers who are younger than 18. Please consider organizing a donation drive at your school!

I am a parent of a child under the age of 18, if I accompany them can he/she still volunteer?
Unfortunately,no. Volunteers cannot be younger than 18, regardless of who may be with him/her.




Because we are in a hospital, we handle donations a little differently than other non-profit organizations. Our main focus is keeping young patients healthy and safe. Therefore, there are certain items we are unable to accept. This list can help guide you through the donation process.

Q. What donations is The Children’s Hospital Volunteers unable to accept?
A. Out of concern for safety, infection control and allergies, we are unable to accept the following:
Used/previously played with toys, games, stuffed animals, books, magazines, DVD’s, game systems and electronics
Toys that depict violence, i.e. guns, swords
Private collections of toys, games or stuffed animals that have never been played with but have been stored away
Latex toys, games and balloons
Medical equipment
Breast milk or unused formula
Donated hair or wigs
Crocheted/knit blankets
Homemade treats (cookies, cupcakes, bars, etc)
Any candy, snack or food item
Toys that can break or have sharp edges. Though “dollar or discount stores” have bargains, the safety standards and overall quality often don’t meet national safety requirements.

Q. Do you accept used items?
A. No, we do not accept used or gently used items.
A. Due to infection control policies, we are unable to accept used toys, games, stuffed animals, books, magazines, DVD’s, game systems and electronics. Many patients have weakened immune systems, allergies to dust, animal hair, second-hand smoke and pollen.

Q. Do you accept religious items?
A. No, we do not accept religious items.
A. Patients and their families have many different faiths and beliefs. Therefore, we are unable to accept donations with any particular religious content or scripture. This includes Bibles, crosses and cards with verses or images.

Q. Should I gift wrap our donations?
A. Please do not gift wrap your donations.

Q. Can I donate balloons to all of the patients?
A. We are a latex-free hospital so latex balloons are not allowed. Mylar balloons are allowed.

Q. How can I donate items during the Holiday Season?
A. We have a “Wish List” on our website, www.VolunteerAtChildrens.org/donate
Gifts for all ages are needed, but especially for teens (12-18 years) and infants (birth-two years).
Please do not gift wrap these items.

Q. Can my group bring our donation in and distribute them to patients in the hospital?
A. No, we do not allow room-to-room visits.
A. Due to privacy and infection control policies, donations are processed through our Child Life and Volunteer Department. Child Life staff or volunteers will ensure that all donations are shared with patients in the most appropriate way.

Q. Can I donate gently used stuffed animals?
A. No, we cannot accept any used stuffed animals.
A. No. Due to Infection Control policies, we cannot accept used or gently used stuffed animals. Many patients have weakened immune systems, allergies to dust, animal hair, second-hand smoke and pollen.

Q. Can I bring food, baked goods or candy to patients?
A. No, many of our patients have restricted diets, food allergies, or cannot eat due to scheduled surgeries or procedures. Therefore, we are unable to accept food, baked goods or candy donations.

Q. How many gifts do I need to bring?
A. We accept donations of all sizes. We combine our donations so all the children receive the same quantity.

Q. Can my group make handmade cards?
A. Yes. Please refer to “Greeting cards…..” on our website, www.VolunteerAtChildrens.org/

Q. Can I order online and have it delivered to Children’s Hospital?
A. Yes! We have a wish lists on Amazon.

Please ship your donation to:

Children’s Hospital Volunteers
1200 Everett Drive
Suite 6205
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Q. What is AmazonSmile?
A. AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at AmazonSmile, you’ll find the exact same low process, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization. Additionally, all items in our amazon Wish List are also available through AmazonSmile, so you can double your support of Children’s Hospital Volunteers.

Q. Do you accept gift cards?
A. Yes, we accept gift cards! Ideal gift cards range from $5 to $20. Walmart, Target, Itunes, or any fast food restaurants.

Q. Where, when, and how do I deliver my donation?
A. You can drop off your donation at the information desk located at the main entrance of The Children's Hospital weekdays between 8:00am and 8:00pm. On the weekends, you may drop your donation off at The Red Shelf Gift Shop located on the first floor near the cafeteria and the M elevators between 10:00am and 4:00pm.

Q. Will someone pick up my donation?
A. We are unable to pick up your donation due to staffing and transportation limitations.

Q. Are my donations tax deductible?
A. To receive acknowledgement of your donation for tax purposes, please fill out the “DONATION RECEIPT” form and take the yellow copy for your tax records. Following IRS guidelines, we not specify the dollar value of your donation.

Q. We would like to adopt a Family for the Holidays. Do you have an Adopt-A-Family Program?
A. At this time, we do not have an Adopt-A-Family program.

Q. I’m a knitter and would like to knit items. What things do you need most?
A. We can accept knitted hats for all sizes. However, we are unable to accept knit or crochet blankets due to medical equipment getting caught and snagged in them.