Full Time Volunteers


The Children's Hospital Volunteers

Our volunteers help provide a positive, caring and compassionate experience for patients and families while they are in the hospital. Volunteers have a huge impact on our charity and provide the time and hands-on help that make our programs possible.

View our Why I Volunteer video.

Before you apply, please read a little more about the volunteer programs for our charity.


We ask our volunteers to commit to 12 months of volunteering.  

How often do volunteers come?  

We require 1 shift per week for 3 hours. Additional days and hours can certainly be added to your shift.  Please speak to your volunteer supervisor about this during your interview.

A Brief Overview of the On-Boarding Process to Become a Volunteer:

  • Submit Application
  • Volunteer Interview
  • Drug Test
  • Background Check
  • 2 TB Tests
  • 2 Training Courses: General Orientation & Direct Patient-Care Training (5 hours total)
  • $20 for Required Volunteer Polo

All of the above must be completed before volunteering.  It generally takes 4-6 weeks to complete the process but varying factors may lengthen the process. 

To get involved, read about our various Full Time Volunteer Opportunities.

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