The Children's Hospital Volunteers

Our volunteers help provide a positive, caring and compassionate experiences for patients and families while they are in the hospital. Volunteers have a huge impact on our charity and provide the time and hands-on help that make our programs possible.

Full Time Volunteers

Our general application window is currently closed and will be re-opened from August 1st through November 1st. However, we currently have limited volunteer opportunities available-click HERE!



Community Volunteers

Our community volunteers are individuals or groups in the community interested in donating items, hosting a fundraiser or drive, or hosting an event for our patients here at the hospital.  Unfortunately, room to room donations and visits are not available, but we have amazing spaces for involvement with patients.  Check out our guidelines and opportunities for community involvement HERE!


SPEAK Teen Summer Program

Students Performing Exceptional Acts of Kindness (SPEAK) is an excellent opportunity for you to impact the lives of children through volunteering.  Our program is designed to allow you to interact with patients through structured activities.  As a SPEAK participant you will visit patients with the toy cart and book mobile.  You will also assist in play rooms and participate in structured play activities with patients.  Must be between the ages of 16 and 17 to apply.  Check out our application HERE!